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SilverSky Takes on Web Makeover for Jupiter Pointe Marina

Jupiter Pointe Marina has been a boating and watersporting hotspot in Florida for years, offering a club, boat sales, boat storage, and other services in addition to their tropical bar and grille. With a prime location by the water, shouldn’t they also get a spotlight...

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Make This Your Company’s Banner Year In Social Media

You're already well aware that we live in an online age. If your business is going to prosper, it needs an active internet presence that helps you find and interact with customers. If your online marketing efforts don't include a social media presence yet, now is the...

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Why Now is the Best Time Ever to Start an Online Business

2016 is your year. Now is the time to kick that business plan you’ve been mulling over into high gear, and actually start your own online business. Turning-up your corporate online charm will transform your business plan into something that requires minimal start-up capital, but potentially yields huge returns. The savvy entrepreneur would know that the last decade has seen key shifts in the readiness of consumers towards purchasing both products and services online, and this shift is not limited to the consumer space – 2015 has seen a major rise in business-to-business online opportunities as well.

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Microsoft Office Launches “Clutter” Feature – Email Marketers Everywhere Cringe

It’s here. Last month Microsoft started turning on the new “clutter” feature for the users of its Office 365 product, and it eerily resembles another bane of existence for email marketers, Gmail’s promotion tab. Office 365 users are typically companies powering their business email exchange, meaning B2B marketers will take the brunt of Clutter’s impact on inbox placement. Clutter is powered by a new Microsoft algorithm that tracks and learns each account holder’s email habits and activities. You should know these activities aren’t limited to Office 365 either.

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5 Tips to Help You Pick a Marketing Niche

What to Do When “All of the Good Ideas are Already Taken”

Niche MarketingPicking a niche is a tricky thing to do because it’s so important for the success of a website or blog. It can seem that the market is absolutely saturated for a particular niche, but even if that is true, it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for one more. The keys to success in picking a niche, even within a saturated market, are persistence and specialization.

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