About SilverSky

At SilverSky Agency, we know that leading is all about influence, and we work with you to turn your online branding, digital communications, social media and Internet marketing into profit-making strategies.

As one of the fastest growing Web & digital marketing firms in South Florida, we know that powerful, integrated marketing requires the creative punch of an ad agency, the media savvy of a PR agency, and the leading edge of an Internet marketing firm.

With your brand and reputation in the hands of consumers, digital communications forms a core part of our activity. Unlike traditional public relations firms that are limited to publicity, or design firms that just create a website, we incorporate all available marketing tools such as online media, search engine optimization (SEO), content generation, social media, market research and branding, to produce results-driven campaigns that simultaneously enhance brand reputation, support business development and deliver the edge in highly competitive markets.

If you’re looking for a partner that shares your passion, enthusiasm and determination, contact us. Let’s talk about what we can achieve together.

Chris Heuwetter

Chris Heuwetter

Founder & CEO

Chris has dedicated his educational and professional career to public relations and marketing communications, with a focus in digital marketing. For over a decade, Chris has been helping companies gain credible exposure through various mediums, including publicity and assorted digital marketing channels like SEO, social media, content generation, targeted email campaigns and more.

Chris started his career in New York City working with several large PR firms, including Cohn & Wolfe on Madison Avenue, focusing in industries like technology, corporate communications, hospitality, travel, tourism, financial services, non-profits, and consumer lifestyle. 2006 marked his move to Florida to focus more on lifestyle consumer brands.

Having built his first computer at 14 years old in the early 90s, Chris has always been an early adopter of new technology, which lead him to advanced placement computer programming classes in high school, and computer science/Web development electives throughout college and beyond.

Today, Chris acts as the full-time creative director for SilverSky Agency based in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida since 2010. He also coaches athletes part-time at CrossFit Palm Beach, and competes at a high-level in regional CrossFit competitions and triathlons.

Chris received his Bachelor’s degree in public relations from Long Island University, CW Post in 2003. He has since earned numerous certificates in website design, Web development, social media marketing, and inbound marketing and strives for regular professional development for the benefit of his clients.

Adam Taub

Adam Taub

Vice President of Web Development

Adam Taub is co-founder of SilverSky Agency and oversee’s many of the digital marketing programs we run for our clients. With over 17 years experience in Web development, website design, email marketing, online advertising, social media, and other Internet marketing services, Adam brings a wealth of high-level experience to the management of our digital marketing team. Adam has worked on digital marketing campaigns for an array of prolific brands, such as Bank of America, Best Western, National Geographic, Microsoft, the Islands of the Bahamas, Nickelodeon, Sun Microsystems, Rosetta Stone, and many others.

Adam is also the founder of Estrela Interactive, a 12-year-old established online marketing firm that specializes in Web development, enterprise-scale email marketing, database management, big data analysis, and more.

In his free time, Adam enjoys spending time with his family and is a well-known force to be reckoned with in the world of poker. A risk taker at heart, Adam’s professional bets have paid off ten fold and we’re proud to have him as a part of SilverSky.

Clint Cobia

Clint Cobia

VP of Business Development

Clint is a ginger, and a man of many talents. After serving in the U.S. Coast Guard he went on to receive degrees in Marketing, Business Management, and Digital Marketing from Florida Atlantic University. Right out of college he dedicated his life to the growth and development of businesses, which in turn sparked his obsession for sales and digital marketing.

Being a Florida boy, hunter, and an avid fisherman Clint started his sales and marketing career in the industry he was most passionate about, the marine industry. He started with smaller businesses and was eventually recruited to run the sales department for a multi-million-dollar internet startup. There, he created and implemented sales processes that were directly responsible for growing sales revenues almost 400% to over $200,000 monthly in a little over a year. Clint worked hand in hand with the marketing department during this growth to ensure the business’ success, which sparked an even deeper interest in digital marketing. After learning as much as possible in the startup world and investing in himself he branched out on his own and started an internet marketing company. Through his business he honed his SEO, web design, Facebook marketing, and SEM skills, effectively making him the nerdiest outdoorsman in all of Florida, and a perfect fit for SilverSky Agency!

Brandon McGuire

Brandon McGuire

Video Production

Brandon McGuire is a dedicated cameraman and editor who has been producing professional videos for over six years. He has worked in a variety of different genres and film types including short films, music videos, and professional marketing videos for various businesses and industries. Brandon has enjoyed working in contexts as remote as Africa, where he traveled to produce and direct a feature length documentary film in 2012.

With the rise of the digital video revolution, Brandon has invested in some of the highest quality equipment on the market including a Cannon 5D Mark ii Camera, a manfrotto fluid-head tripod, a Senheiser shotgun microphone, and the Adobe Creative Cloud editing suite, which combined together serve to equip him for almost any high-end video job for the most discerning of clients.

Brandon holds a bachelor’s degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University’s School Communication and Media. In his spare time he enjoy’s promoting his self-produced documentaries, surfing and fishing.

Emily Budrys

Emily Budrys

Director of Operations

Emily Budrys is a creative mastermind and member of the good vibe tribe, using her gift of thinking outside of the box to make the world of marketing a little more funky. Her background in the arts bolsters her unique perspective; a lifelong modern dancer, she graduated with a degree in Dance Performance from Palm Beach Atlantic University, constantly pushing the boundaries of her craft with bold curiosity. While in school, she also pursued creative writing and exercise science, writing articles and poems for alternative health practitioners and other eccentric kindred-spirits.  

As a self-made expert in Social Media Marketing, Emily started the Marketing plan for a variety of local businesses and friends, specializing in connecting them to their ultimate audience, stunning and personalized photo styling and uplifting content. Using her degree in dance (to her parents delight), and her people-person superpowers, Emily is dubbed the “model whisperer” for her ability to take average Joes and turn them into Cindy Crawfords by keeping her photo shoots fun, light and open to the winds of creativity. Through a life spent obsessed with performance, visual and literary art, Emily has found that Social Media Marketing is the perfect arena to bring together her passions and help businesses flourish.

Her favorite things to do when she’s not Instagramming are traveling, free-diving, picking things up and putting them down and getting lost in a good book.

Katie Marshall

Katie Marshall

Regional Sales Director & Digital Marketing Account Manager

Katie Marshall, our resident office mom, has been online before most people understood what the Internet was. Daughter to an aviation engineer, she spent time in the early 80’s writing her father at work when the internet was just a black screen for messaging purposes.

As AOL made it’s debut, so did Katie by jumping feet first into the world of social media, handwriting HTML code & designing graphics for various websites. While just a hobby, at first, she soon realized the power of social media and developed a true passion for it. Early on, several of her web site designs and skills were featured in numerous music magazines & on MTV.

Validating her love for social and her desire to always improve, she snagged herself an associates degree in Web Design & Development from New England Institute of Technology and ran several successful online design companies.

Over the years Katie has developed an invaluable ability to recognize and create effective social media experiences and platforms. Her cutting edge instincts and approach bridges the blend of Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials alike. She is a consummate professional and does all she can to keep everyone of her clients happy. No matter the size of the company or scope of work, Katie brings excellence every time.

In her spare time, you can find Katie either front row with her teen daughter at concerts, chasing her three younger kids around at the beach or advocating for the needs of people around the globe with World Help. World Help is a huge part of who Katie is. It speaks to her heart and it transfers over to her work for them. She has been their social media advocate for over 5 years running and through her efforts she has helped champion causes for clean water reaching thousands around the globe while managing to raise tens of thousands of dollars by applying her expertise through smart marketing techniques and channels.

A personal trainer on the side, she also runs a fitstagram (@katiemarshallfit) where she combines her love for family, fitness, and humanitarian work.

Daniel McHenry

Daniel McHenry

Digital Marketing Manager

Daniel McHenry is a relentless force of positive energy! Originally from Ohio, he received his bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University (go falcons) in Communications. While at BGSU, he taught courses on how to use tablet technology at the senior center. This was instrumental in his ability to make tech understandable to everyone. Daniel also worked on multiple political campaigns while in the buckeye state and loves making a difference.

After deciding that snow is his arch enemy, he relocated to Florida where he continued his love affair with technology. There’s no problem too big or small that can’t be solved by Google and ingenuity! When not plugging away on the computer Daniel can be found watching hockey, playing guitar, or cooking a meal worthy of 5 stars.

Sierra Scanlon

Sierra Scanlon

Social Media Marketing Manager

I have always been in love with every creative detail that goes into a project. I like to think of myself as the person you come to for the perfect date night outfit, gift for your best friend, or how to make any space feel Zen. Studying abroad has given me exposure to lifestyles and cultures that I incorporate into all aspects of my life. There isn’t much I haven’t tried, from law school to lifestyle blogger and anything in between. Over the years I have always received questions about my personal style, makeup, and opinions on just about everything, so I turned them into a blog. So Fashie is a great outlet that my readers can find fashion tips, makeup how-to’s (from a non-artist), and interior design ideas. Every single part of So Fashie, from the photography to social media managing, was done by me and makes it super personal. I love being creative for not just myself but, everyone around me. I started out using the internet for myself and later took on accounts for everyone around me. Getting into social media was a natural fit for me and gave me the ability to help others strategically use social media to their benefit. From small agricultural businesses to makeup branding pages, I have taken on the task of giving the customer the exact statement they want their company to make. Initially the vastness of platforms can be overwhelming and that’s where I sought to make it easy. Social media and marketing doesn’t have to be hard and I’m the perfect example of taking your passion and turning it into a career that never feels like “work”.

Autism and the community surrounding it has become a great passion of mine.  In recent years I have had the pleasure of working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders in gaining employment and life skills with local community businesses. When I’m not busy running a lifestyle blog or being a mom, I love to box and research runway shows. I stay ahead of every new fashion season trend and am a regular at my local boxing club. I also love food, and take my passion for a good foodie experience to the next level. As a Florida native I pretty much know all the best recommendations. Running around Disney with my daughter and watching some terrible reality TV for blog ideas are my idea of a perfect day.