Jenn Jones CrossFit PR FirmWe’re super excited to announce that professional CrossFit and GRID athlete Jenn Jones from Houston, Texas has selected SilverSky Agency as her digital marketing and public relations agency of record!

Jenn Jones is a three time competitor at the CrossFit Games and female powerhouse of the NPGL’s Miami Surge. She is known for her strength and gymnastic skills. After barely missing advancing to the CrossFit Games in her very first attempt in 2011, Jones has been a mainstay the past three years, while also placing in the top three each year in her respective region. In 2014 Jones finished in tenth place at the CrossFit Games, giving her back to back Games finishes in the top ten.

So far for 2015, Jones has finished in 4th place in the South Super Regional, and her CrossFit Games performance is much anticipated this year. She also had a strong start with the Miami Surge in their season premier, beating the Los Angeles Reign in their opening match.

SilverSky Agency will be handling the creation of Jenn Jones’ branding platform, designing and launching, and spearheading proactive public relations and media relations campaigns for Jones.

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