You’re already well aware that we live in an online age. If your business is going to prosper, it needs an active internet presence that helps you find and interact with customers. If your online marketing efforts don’t include a social media presence yet, now is the time to change that! Social media marketing can be a huge boon to your business. Social Media Is Where The Customers Are The internet passed a major milestone last year when Google confirmed that users were performing more searches via mobile devices than with traditional computers.

While this means it is important to make all of your marketing more mobile-friendly, you should also look at the deeper implications of this demographic info. People are using their phones and tablets to access their social media accounts. Because of its peer-to-peer characteristics, social media is a terrific platform for interacting directly with your customers. Winning a customer’s attention to your social media accounts is likely to be a coup with long-term benefits. When done properly, social media marketing builds a direct conduit to your most receptive customers and ensures that they keep paying attention to your company. Social Media Marketing Delivers High ROI Because the cat is well out of the bag regarding the power of this form of marketing, you can forget the optimistic promises of advertising your business through social media for free. Social media marketing (especially the effective kind) costs money. The good news is that its cost is amazingly low when compared to other forms of online advertising! When designed and run properly, a social media marketing campaign can deliver customers to your website for just a tenth of the cost of other forms of paid online advertising.

Making the right kinds of posts to your social media accounts will attract positive attention at minimal cost, promote your company effectively and enhance your reputation. Best of all, this is a cumulative process. Investing in your social media presence now makes it more effective in the future. Social Media Teaches You How To Serve Customers Better With social media marketing, you have a unique opportunity to target your customers and interact with them in ways that are quite simply impossible in other formats.

Social media networks are inherently two-way channels of communication. An effective social media strategy will not just deliver information to your consumers. It will also teach you about their needs and concerns. While you might find the unfiltered back-and-forth nature of social media interaction intimidating, it actually gives you a rare and valuable opportunity to understand what’s really on your customers’ minds. Customers who take the time to talk to you via social media are at a key point in their decision-making process and how you respond to them will make or break their opinion of your company. Of course, to win a dedicated customer and gain a positive reputation, you have to be listening! This is just one more reason that setting up a social media presence is a virtual necessity. As noted above, it will cost you money to get into social media marketing in an effective way.

This is not an investment you should put off any longer. Take the plunge and set up your company’s social media presence. An active effort here will expose you to a world of new customers and a wealth of new information, setting up your company for continued growth in the future.

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